How to

1. How to search Kekre/Kenkre family people

Here is what you can do to search people

  1. You can use the search box on the home page. This is shown in the red box in Image - 1 (the image below). You may enter first name OR surname OR both and then search.
  2. You can use Advanced Search link on the home page. This is shown in the green box in Image - 1. You can find more information on Advanced Search in next section.
  3. Alternately you can browse the Surnames if you know the surname of person you are looking for. The link to this is shown in blue box in Image - 1.

Image - 1
2. How to search Kekre/Kenkre family members living near me

Click on the Places link in Browse section. This is shown in Orange box in Image - 1. Find the city in which you are looking for people (Image - 6) and then click on the city. You will see the people living in that city (Image - 7).

Image - 6 Image - 7
3. What is Advanced Search

If you want to search people based on other information than name, then you use advanced search. With Advanced Search, you can search people on their "Surname before marrige", or their interests or their blood group, etc.

You can get to the Advanced Search page by using the Advanced Search link on the Home Page. This is shown in green bar in Image - 1. You can view more search options by clicking "Click to display" link as shown in Image - 2.

Click to display opens up more search options - as shown in Image - 3. You can search for people with any of the criterion as you see on Image - 3.

Image - 2 Image - 3
4. How to connect to people

You will have to search people first. Search results will be as you see in Image - 4. Once you locate the individual record, you click on that person's name. This takes you to person's individual page. You can locate the person's email id on his page. Please email to connect. Have a look at Image - 5. Email id is indicated in red block.

You will be able to locate email ids for people only if they have put their email ids. We encourage people to use email ids as means of connection.

Image - 4 Image - 5
5. How to find ancestors

Once you have located the individual record (refer Image - 5), look at the green arrow on the sub menu bar. This will show you ancestors for the individual.

6. How to find descendents

The blue arrow in Image - 5 points to the Descendents sub menu. Clicking here will show you descendants of the individual.

7. Why do I not see City data for people

For security reasons, we have not exposed all data. If you are a Kekre/Kenkre family member, please request for login credentials. Once you have these credentials, you will have access to more data. You can request the login credentials by writing to us at

8. I am a Kekre/Kenkre family member. How do I submit my information

Please use Submit Information link on the home page. This is shown in Yellow in Image - 1.

9. What if I find mistakes

If you think there are any mistakes in the data, please Email Us.

10. How do I make suggestions to improve the interaction

Please write to us at

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